Price: $8.49


    Gripper Wrench Organizers help you organize your wrenches, and securely transport wrenches to the job site.

    These superior organizers provide the ultimate in tool box storage. They accommodate a wide variety of wrenches and allow for immediate recognition of a missing wrench.

    Our Wrench Organizers are made from soft, flexible material. While holding wrenches secure for transportation, they also allow for easy one-handed engagement and removal of wrenches. Two standard colors – red and black – make identification of different sets easy. Patents US 5,638,964, US D440,852, US 6,202,864.

    Dimensions: 9.75"x5.75"x1.75"
    Weight: 0.230 lbs.
    Holds 1/4"-15/16" and 6-18 mm wrenches

    Wrench Quantity - Gripper: 12 tool