Price: $11.74


    Ernst 2.9" Drawer Divider Clips II – 2nd Generation

    New and improved! Ernst Drawer Divider II is now easier than ever - ready to help you conquer toolbox clutter. All components have been redesigned and optimized for easier installation and a more secure fit. Clips easily snap on and hold with solid engagement.

    The Ernst 2.9" Drawer Divider Clips integrate with patented drawer divider systems. Divider clips work with divider rails to create extra compartments within the drawer divider system. Users can divide their tool box drawers into as many, or as few, compartments as they need depending on their own needs.

    These precision sliding clips allow divider rails to be positioned anywhere providing an easy custom fit. Includes 20 Divider Clips. US Patent 6,871,921. Available in Black.

    • Reduce tool damage and scarring
    • Easy snap fit assembly
    • Adjustable
    • Made in USA
    • Lifetime guarantee

    Dimensions: 13" x 5" x 1"
    Weight: 0.370 lbs.