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Tooling Along – "How much time do you waste digging through a disorganized toolbox looking for that 1/2-inch open-end wrench? The Gripper Wrench Organizer holds your wrenches in full view with flexible teeth. The flexible handle folds for storage in your toolbox, or you can hang the Tool Gripper on a wall...”

– Popular Mechanics

Ernst Announces New Divider System!
“Ever had trouble finding what you need in a tool box? Well, now Ernst Manufacturing has introduced a new, innovative drawer divider system. Ernst uses a system of innovative, robust drawer dividers that... fit most standard toolbox drawers... nearly unlimited organization possibilities!”

– DRIVE! Magazine

“By now you should realize we feel you can never have too many reference materials in your library and your tool box can never be too organized. We know a lot of guys figure having a full rollaway/chest combo with separate drawers... is enough. We think that’s a good start!

One of the best wrench organizers we’ve come across is this soft plastic, locking unit by Ernst Mfg. The wrenches lock in, so if you want to transport your box, your tools stay put; the material is pliable, so the holders aren’t made of hard, brittle plastic and won’t break after a few years of use.

So how much are these gonna set you back? Surprisingly, next to nothing...”

– MOPAR Muscle

Show to Shine!
“It’s all in how you show it. Even if your car isn’t a contender for trophies like the Ridler Award or America’s Most Beautiful Roadster, the latest car care know-how can make even a well-used daily driver look like a winner.”
Ultra Flex Wheel Protector – Featured product in the Tire and Wheel Product showcase

– Popular Mechanics

Judges tab time savers– “Organization = Efficiency! Ernst Mfg. has developed a new Toolbox Drawer Divider System that uses precision sliding clips to help customize each drawer to your needs and working style.”

– Professional Tool and Equipment News

“Finally, a complete socket organizer system designed to accommodate all of your socket sets – including ratchets and extensions – is available.”

– Rod and Custom

Ernst Manufacturing in the Press

Ernst Manufacturing in the Press

Ernst Manufacturing in the Press