About the grippers, I like them very much. The versatility to set the count for the wrenches is one of those things that you NEED but you don’t know it until you actually have it. I love how you pick them up and go, its key for novice mechanics that aren’t sure what they are going to need when they get under the car or truck.

- Ross, Jeeplab

"Dear Ernst Manufacturing – When lowering the floor jack onto your jackstand cover, I got a safe & reassuring feeling that my 1933 three window, business coupe Buick was safe (better than the rag between the jack stand so the differential did not scratch). I spent more time under the car cleaning, then on top. IN OTHER WORDS, THE JACKSTAND COVERS ROCK!”

- Howard Branner, HB Distributors

"Thank you so much for the quick response. Not many companies in today's world market continue to strive at excellent customer service. Thank You again!"

- Eric Knudsen

"Hi, I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with your products. My daughter bought me a socket organizer set for Christmas and I am very pleased with the quality and design. I was skeptical of socket holders made of plastic, but I believe they will easily outlast any metal ones that I have seen. Ernst products have made my shop a more organized and efficient place."

Thank you,
Todd Smith

“We sell the crap out of these right off the counter. We seem to have a constant order in with Ernst because we are always running out — over a hundred sold in less than two months.”

- Paul Bigornia, Latus Harley Davidson

“I love my Ernst wrench gripper organizers. I depend on my tools to get projects done around the house. And I like to cut down on vehicle repair bills by doing some of the simple maintenance myself. However, it was a lot easier to buy new tools than it was to keep them organized. My wrenches were a disorganized mess, just tossed in a drawer. Every time I wanted to use one, I had to fumble through the different sizes to find the one I needed. Not anymore. With the Ernst wrench gripper organizers, all of my wrenches are now organized by standard and metric and sorted from smallest to largest. And, with the built-in handle, they are easy to take to where I am working. Now, I can just grab the wrench I need, without having to fumble through a jumbled mess. I love the way the gripper material is strong enough to hold the wrenches securely, but flexible enough to make it easy to get the wrenches in and out. I now use several other Ernst tool organizers as well. For the first time, my tools are getting organized and I am getting more done faster. My wife really loves that!”

- Mike Wiley

"Thank you for such quality products and service. I work in the Aircraft Industry and no one is familiar with your line of products. Not until now anyway! I have guys come over to my box and ask, "What are those! Where did you get that?" I am extremely happy with your products. They are excellent quality tool organizers."

- Steven Jackey