Price: $94.99

    A special set for the serious mechanic. These socket rails have Rare Earth magnets built into the base, providing a super strong pull that will hold through thick drawer liners. The recessed magnets will not scratch or mar the paint on tool boxes or metal surfaces.

    Five socket rails are included in this set to hold 15 1/4” drive sockets, 15 3/8” drive sockets, 15 1/2” drive sockets, and a ratchet and extension of each drive size. US Patents 6,637,605, 6,092,655, 6,250,466 and 8,770,418.

    • Rare Earth magnets provide a firm hold to metal surfaces
    • Twist Lock design keeps sockets secure – great for transport
    • Adjustable socket clips ‘click’ into place
    • End stop clips keep socket clips securely fastened on rail
    • Ratchet and extension holders keep tools from rolling away
    • I.D. stickers included for socket identification

    Dimensions: 22"x10"x1.50"
    Weight: 1.300 lbs