Price: $29.95


    Protect your valuable investment with Greg’s Hard Shell Engine Protector! Open engines are vulnerable to damage from dust, dirt, debris, and hard objects.

    The first rule of engine longevity is cleanliness. Bags and rags just don’t cut it. Greg’s Hard Shell fits Chevrolet Small Block V-8 Engines - long or short block, standard and Vortec head.

    The cam valley cover is used to protect your engine when intake manifolds are removed. Cylinder Deck Covers protect the cylinder block deck and pistons when heads are removed. Plenty of clearance for domed pistons.

    Put Greg’s HARD SHELL Engine Protector to work and protect your disassembled engine.

    Set Includes:

    • One Cam Valley Cover
    • Two Cylinder Deck Covers
    • Four Attachment Clips

    Dimensions: 20.75"x10.25"x2.0"
    Weight: 3.875 lbs