Price: $18.59

    This 24 Tool system provides it all: vertical, compact, and portable wrench storage.

    Slip-resistant rubberized foot pegs ensure a stable base. Handle provides comfortable portability to take your wrenches from one workstation to the next.

    Secure locking grip keeps all your wrenches safe, even on the go. Graduated tooth design holds a wide range of wrench sizes. Two sided storage accommodates both SAE and Metric wrench storage. For the serious tool owner we recommend using a 24 wrench organizer for SAE and the 30 wrench organizer for Metric.

    Patents US 5,638,964, US D440,852, US 6,202,864.

    Dimensions: 11" x 6" x 5.5"
    Weight: 0.795 lbs.
    Holds 1/4"-15/16" and 6-18 mm wrenches

    Tower wrench quantity: 24 wrenches